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Girl tweets 'terror' threat to American Airlines; has meltdown when world doesn't find it funny

14th April 2014

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With the reams of idiotic tweets that happen on a daily basis, it’s probably quite hard to have yourself internationally called out as the most stupid twitterer of all.

We think, though, that one 14-year-old US girl has actually succeeded in taking this most dubious of honours.

@QueenDemetriax_ (so called because she just loves Demi Lovato) incurred the wrath of pretty much the entire internet yesterday – by tweeting directly to American Airlines that she was an Afghan Al Qaida member called Ibrahim, who was planning “something really big” to take place on 1st June.

Of course, American Airlines was the carrier of ill-fated Flight 11, which took down the North Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. Just in case anyone needs a reminder of the fact.

That girl who thought “Barraco Barner” was “our” president has nothing on @QueenDemetriax_. Or, as we shall now be calling her, Sarah.

American Airlines responded like this, which we think was fairly justifiable given the circumstances:

















Of course, Sarah doesn’t fully understand what she’s done (or maybe she’s beginning to, now) and spent the next few hours tweeting about how stupid she is, telling everyone to shut up in case her parents find out and delete her twitter account (she eventually did this herself), and worrying about Demi Lovato hearing about it – that, she says would be “the end of my life omg.”  





























Also, this just WASN’T what she meant when she said she wanted more followers, guys.




























Still, it wasn’t her fault, and it wasn’t offensive, as she then felt the need to helpfully explain via twitpics (oh, the irony...)




























































Obviously, there’s no need for us to go into why everything Sarah has said so far is so mind-numbingly stupid, mystifying, socially ignorant, strange, insular, potentially (if not certainly racist), and offensive to anyone affected by terrorism. We think you get that.

What happened as Sarah’s meltdown continued is more interesting, if we’re thinking about the certain kind of person who appears to put a much higher value than is really needed on their social media life:































And then the meltdown escalated:






























Of course, the derision she encountered was swift and understandably mocking:


























As far as we're aware, the FBI isn’t going to be knocking on Sarah’s door any time soon. They probably aren’t even investigating – we hear they’ve got more important things to do than chase up the blathering of a 14-year-old girl who lives largely inside her own head and occasionally spends time ill-advisedly mind-vomming all over twitter.

And yes, Sarah/@QueenDemetriax_ is only 14. This matters in no way whatsoever. People don’t suddenly develop empathy or social awareness on their 15th birthday. She might not be old enough to remember the events of 9/11, but - shocker! - just because she wasn’t sentient enough to watch the planes crashing into those towers doesn’t mean it didn’t happen or that its results won’t and aren’t having an impact on her life.

And anyway, she and her stupid tweet are not the main issues at hand here.

The most interesting thing to come out of this incident (and on a much lesser scale that of “Barraco Barner”, and twitter trolls across the board) is the absolute social ignorance that it displays.

How, in a world that is facing an almost infinite number of terror threats, where horrific stories are a daily occurrence, where up-to-the second news is more accessible that it has ever been, where we live on our iPhones and on twitter, where news is breaking constantly – how, in this context, can people justify being so naive? And how, when faced with the results of their naivety, can their main concerns be whether the pop star they idolise will find out, or whether their twitter will be deleted? Or, indeed, whether the whole world is talking about how stupid they are – rather than worrying about the survivors of terrorism that they might have upset, or the families, or that global terrorism is even a thing?

I mean, why would any of that matter when you’ve got 20,000 retweets?

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