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Norwegian fisherman finds

11th April 2014

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It’s not exactly what you expect to find after a quiet afternoon’s fishing.

A Norwegian man picked up a fairly bizarre catch whilst fishing on the country’s west coast – a “15 or 16cm” long orange sex toy, inside the stomach of a live cod.

No, we don’t know how a cod could swallow a dildo and manage to stay alive either.

Bjoern Frilund, 64, apparently realised there was something a bit, er, fishy going on when he noticed that the “5 or 6 kilo cod” had a strange shaped stomach.

The bemused man told AFP: "First two herrings came out, and then I found this rubber thing... I knew cods swallow pretty much anything, but I couldn't expect this.”

No – we don’t suppose you could.

Bjoern thinks the cod might have swallowed the dildo after somehow mistaking it for a squid.

From this we’re assuming that cods, despite their clear ability to ingest almost anything and somehow stay alive, are not in fact the brightest of our ocean’s fishes.

And Bjoern’s predictions about where it could have come from? "Maybe a frustrated lady threw it overboard from the Coastal Express," he says.

Pictured: not actual cod.

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