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April Fools' 2014: How many did you fall for?

1st April 2014

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As per the spirit of April 1st, the internet was alive with the sound of foolishness this morning – everything from square eggs to Ant and Dec going their separate ways to Warburtons building two loaf-shaped skyscrapers on either side of the Gherkin.  

Yes, a lot of the foolishness was food-based.

So, how many did you fall for?

We’d like to think we’re pretty savvy, but we’ve been proved wrong this morning in a few cases...

Here’s how the internet did April Fools’ Day 2014. Can you guess which of these news stories are actually true? We swear that a couple of them really are...

Of course, topical issues were at stake this morning. Over at the Telegraph, it was reported that Alex Salmond was set to replace the Queen on a new Scottish pound coin should our northern friends gain independence later this year, whilst the Guardian revealed that Scottish drivers were set to start driving on the right and the Independent wrote of peacekeeping plans being drawn up by the UN in the case of Scotland going it alone.

The Metro caused every narcissist in Britain to skip a heartbeat when it announced that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport was drafting a proposal for a ban on selfies, whilst the Huffington Post revealed that Nick Clegg had appointed Piers Morgan in a Lib-Dem “media consulting” role.

Elsewhere, Jason Statham released a deodorant line (“the essence of man in a can”), former Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton announced that she was having a baby with 5ive’s Ritchie Neville after getting close during The Big Reunion, and #aftersex selfie became a genuine, real thing due to the wonders of Instagram.

London got briefly excited by plans for a psychedelic tunnel of glittery light that would stretch from Tottenham Court Road to Bond Street, courtesy of Crossrail, and one East London “odour advocate” made her feelings about London not being quite as stinky as it has been in the past well known via the Guardian.

Also, Nick Griffin announced that food banks were for “indigenous Brits only” because “minorities all have their own (taxpayer-funded) charities.” Make of that what you will.

Meanwhile, at The National Student we reported that a national student protest week entitled Ban THIS! would be taking place across the country in June, and that a new, hi-tech and extremely passive aggressive fridge would be available – and would stream videos of your flatmates stealing your milk directly to YouTube.

Elsewhere, One Direction were banned from North Korea and plans for a massive statue of Joey Essex were being drawn up in a Brentwood churchyard.  


So, which of these examples of today's news is tomfoolery and which is actual, genuine truth? Answers on a (virtual) postcard...

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