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15 student stereotypes, according to stock images

31st March 2014

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Recognise yourself in any of these?

Thought not. But this is what university students, and university life, is all about. According to our stock image account, at least.

Oh dear.

It’s time to shake things up, so Sandberg – when you’ve sorted out the one-dimensional images of women, want to do the same things for students?

1. The studious Asian girl. She has glasses and a laptop and a big coat and is very, VERY thoughtful.



















2. Yeah, this is my (weirdly burnt orange-coloured) car; I’ve brought a straw hat to uni because I’m a new person now. HELLO FRESHERS’!









3. The perfectly ethnically balanced group (who are inexplicably wearing uniform?)









4. The rebellious ones. Just hanging around, sitting on tables. Look at them! They probably never get to a 9am.


















5. …at the other end of the scale, the ones who just cannot bloody wait for the next lecture.









6. These girls who are underneath a disco ball and consequently JUST LOVING LIFE.









7. The clever girl (non-Asian) who has purchased a newspaper.









8. These two. Why?



















9. The one who is rocking out in their uni room (with, erm, a tennis racket) vs the one who is angry about it.









10. The girl who’s snatching a few seconds of fake sun to ‘work’ (pose) outside. I'm looking into the sky because I'm so carefree, OK?










11. The ones who have been in the library so long they’ve literally given up (why is she laying on a windowsill? The absolute renegade!)










12. Beanies. And one big, big book.









13. This is how we do independent studying: on the floor, with a big, big smile.









14. The ones who are graduating.









15. I live in a f*cking tip. But hey, it’s ok – I’ve got a new best friend. And a microwave! Life is sorted.










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