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First we had Movember... now, Veganuary?

14th January 2014

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A new campaign inspired by the success of Movember is encouraging people to go vegan for the rest of January.

The team at the cleverly named 'Veganuary' have teamed up with the animal campaigning organisation Viva! to promote the vegan challenge and hopefully raise some cash for animals along the way.

Matthew Glover, a vegan businessman, put forward the idea after being inspired by the concept of Movember - the hugely successful campaign which involves men growing moustaches in November while fundraising for prostate cancer research.

Matthew says: “I wondered whether a concept like Movember could be used where healthy vegan eating could be promoted, whilst also raising money for animal charities.”

Matthew hopes that Veganuary could have the same level of success.

He adds: "It's the perfect month for such a challenge with people more likely to consider diet changes after the excesses of the festive period!"

The campaign will highlight the health benefits of a vegan diet, whilst informing participants about the positive impact their food choices will have on the lives of animals and the environment. Daily recipes, shopping lists and meal ideas will also be available.

Jane, Matthew's partner and fellow vegan, said: “The pre-launch feedback has been encouraging. We're finding a lot of our non-vegan friends want to give it a go.”

Juliet Gellatley Founder of animal campaigning organisation Viva!, adds: "Veganuary is one of the best choices of your life! Going healthy-vegan for a month will improve your energy and mood; make your heart stronger and help blood flow freely to where it needs to be.”

In 2015 Matthew and Jane are hoping to develop the concept further and promote the vegan challenge worldwide.

So, would you go vegan in January in order to raise money and feel healthier after the Christmas excess? Can Veganuary succeed in the same way that Movember has, without the potential for comedy moustaches?

If you want to learn more about Veganuary visit the website, where you can build a profile and upload pictures, or follow the campaign on Facebook and twitter.

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