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Walter White, meth dealer, sentenced to 12 years


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Today in Things We Couldn't Have Made Up If We'd Tried: a man with the same name as the protagonist in Breaking Bad is sentenced to 12 years imprisonment after being outed as a meth dealer.

Walter WhiteWalter White, 53, of Montana, was arrested in January over the suspicion of selling meth to oil workers. In March, a search of his house uncovered four ounces of meth and two guns, as well as over $15,000 (£9,100) in cash.

White, holding the same name as Bryan Cranston’s character in the top American drama, was only discovered when he was shot by his own son in an alleged drugs dispute.

Unlike the White of the television programme, the real life White did not make his own meth, but got someone else to do so. He was initially sentenced to nine years imprisonment, but the judge added another three years to this sentence due to previous firearms convictions. He also got sentenced to five years probation, meaning that he will be banned from owning a gun or any other dangerous weapon during this time.

White attempted to excuse his behaviour by claiming that he had become addicted to meth, declaring that it was not in his character to become involved with such things. He also stated that he had possessed the firearms purely "for protection from individuals involved in drug trafficking."

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