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Lucky Duck? Indian Runner Duck narrowly escapes Christmas chop after masquerading as goose


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There’s a good reason why one particular duck from Hostingly Farm in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, was given the name “Lucky”...

Lucky DuckFor several months, his plain white feathers and orange bill allowed him to blend in with a gaggle of free-range geese which were being raised for Christmas dinner. He waddled into the slaughterhouse with his new friends but, fortunately, farmer Tim Lindley spotted the odd one out. He was given the name “Lucky,” and subsequently spared from the same end.

Wife Lynne says the couple “just didn’t have the heart to kill him”.

“Indian runner ducks can’t fly and we certainly didn’t take delivery of any ducklings or duck eggs, so I can’t imagine how he got into the enclosure,” she said.

“I don’t know how he didn’t get spotted before. They are white and have long necks but it was considerable smaller than a goose. It was quite clear it was a duck.”

Lucky now lives with family friend Dawn Hinton, who also happens to own another drake called Donald.

That’s Donald Duck and Lucky Duck. Daisy Duck will be along soon enough...

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