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10 stock images of Santa doing things he really shouldn't be

19th December 2013

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Who knew Santa was partial to a bit of culinary-based violence, outdoor urination – and casual abduction of sleeping women?

May we present...

Santa enjoying a whiskey and not giving a f*ck.




















Santa getting the party started with shaving foam and shots.











Santa tying up and apparently abducting a woman with the aid of twine.









Santa ironing his own beard. No, we don’t know why he’d do that either.











Santa urinating against a wall.


















Santa praying for some kind of Christmas gift from what seems to be an angry-female-Santa-prostitute.








Santa managing to make innocent culinary utensils look terrifying.









Santa passing out after one slice of pizza too many.














Santa threatening to cause a massacre.























This of course inevitably leads to...

Santa getting arrested. Happy Christmas!


















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