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Bar bans under 25s at weekends for being too annoying

22nd November 2013

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Imagine being told you can no longer hit your favourite bar at the weekend because you’re too young... despite being years and years past the legal drinking age.

It sounds unlikely – but that is exactly what has happened at one ‘sports bar/Latin American restaurant’ in Brooklyn, New York.

Phil’s Crummy Corner (yes, that is its real name) will no longer be allowing those younger than 25 to pass through its doors after 10pm on Fridays or Saturdays, after the owner got sick of finding empty glasses in his plant pots and having customers “screaming in the streets until 4am.”

Evidently, no one over 25 ever dumps their empties or yells when drunk, so Phil’s Crummy Corner can look to forward to ridding itself of these problems completely now its new rules have come into force.

A newly hired bouncer will be placed on the door to check that those pesky (24-year-old) kids don’t try to sneak into Crummy Phil’s in an underage and fake ID-less manner.

The move has been put in place to pacify neighbours, one of whom said about the bar’s patrons: “They’re animals. Friday and Saturday night, it’s like animal town.”

Despite there being apparently enough public concern to have the no under-25s rule enforced, when a public meeting was held only two residents turned up.

We’re going to put it out there: this wouldn’t suggest that many people are overly bothered by all the early 20s raucous animals screaming the place down and upsetting the pot plants.

Complaints have been received, though. One concerned “loud talking”, and another brought up the issue that a car was parked “near a fire hydrant.”

But hey, it’s not all bad news – some under 25s WILL still be allowed admission. As long as they’re “well known to the owner,” that is. Which makes Phil’s Crummy Corner sound a bit like it’s trying to be all exclusive and guestlist-y, and is a bit odd since it is apparently looking to rebrand itself as a “quiet family place,” according to restaurant manager Isabel Santiago.

A quiet family place. Where under 25s aren’t allowed. Ehh?

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