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Peanut butter flavoured hot drink - new obsession or just plain wrong?

20th November 2013

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Winter has hit with an icy blast in our faces, and there are few things we want to do more when it’s this cold than settle down under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate.

Or sometimes a cup of tea and a packet of biscuits. Or maybe a warm cup of peanut butter.

Wait... what?

Obviously, food hybrids pop up all the time – who could forget our recent adventures with the cronut? The newest niche foodie creation, however, has piqued our interest more than most.

Welcome, then, to the Peanut Hottie TM – offering the “tantalizing taste of peanut butter... now available for the first time as an instant hot drink.”  

The good people of the United Kingdom shelled out over £1million on peanut butter last year, according the Peanut Hottie TM ‘s creators, and it is this collective love that led them to develop their 83-calorie per cup, caffeine/additive free, vegetarian friendly “smooth, velvety indulgent instant hot drink” that is being billed as a “moreish alternative to hot chocolate, malted drinks, tea or coffee.”

It’s available at Sainsbury’s for the discount price of £1.49 from 27th November (in February it will rise to £2.99) and has been described as “stunning, like having a biscuit and a drink all in one” by those who have been lucky enough to sample its delights already. High praise indeed.

So, will the Peanut Hottie TM  become a staple of our cupboards – or is this all just storm in the nation’s teacups?

We think it has the potential to work. But we’re currently awaiting samples, so we’ll let you know.


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