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And the newly revealed no.1 cure for a hangover is...

10th October 2013

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There have been many hangover cures mooted in the past: a fry up, a glass of milk, a reservoir’s supply of water, paracetemol,  black coffee, raw eggs, sugar, more booze... the list goes on.

Unfortunately, none of them are likely to completely rid you of that ranging headache/vaguely sick and dizzy feeling anytime soon.

But help appears to be hand, and it comes from a group of intrepid researchers from Guangzhou, China, who believe that they’ve found an answer to this eternal student problem.

And what is that answer?

Well. It’s good old Sprite. Who’d have thought?

Suffice to say, there is a whole lot of science behind this discovery, most of which we can’t (be bothered to) fully process.

What you do need to know is that a humble bottle/can of Sprite (drunk when you get in from wherever you’ve been imbibing the stronger stuff) shortens the body’s exposure to some harmful, hangover inducing chemicals – and thus might just make your morning a little more bearable.

Hey, it sounds better than “a thin vegetable based broth”, which is what the NHS recommends. We’ll pass on the Bouillon, thanks.

Also, thanks to Sun Yat-Sen University for this epic discovery and probably making our weekend a bit less painless for evermore. We applaud you.

Here are some of the most ridiculous hangover cures that have been suggested throughout time/the world, as actual good ideas:

1. In Ancient Rome, it was recommended that you deep fry and eat a canary. YES REALLY. This inspired remedy can from Pliny the Elder, allegedly. Probably not amongst his finest ideas.

2. If you’re still in Italy (well, Sicily...) and the KFC canary hasn’t quite worked, you could try eating a dried out bull’s penis. Well, why not?

3. Prairie oyster. Ingredients: one raw egg, Worcester Sauce, hot sauce, salt, pepper. Results: debatable.

4. Maybe the Polish have got it right – they like to down a glass of pickled herring juice after a heavy night, according to the internet, which clearly knows what it’s talking about. Still, might pass...

5. USA, 1961: don’t brush your teeth. How this would prevent a hangover we don’t know, but we doubt it would have any large effect other than speeding up your tally of cavities.

We’re glad a less gut-wrenching solution has now been unveiled. Cheers, China!

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