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University removes wrecking ball after naked students recreate Miley Cyrus video

18th September 2013

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A university has removed a decorative wrecking ball from its campus after a spate of ‘incidents’ in which students got naked and recreated the now infamous Miley Cyrus video.

Grand Valley State University, in Michigan, removed the wrecking ball, which had been in place for 18 years, after an influx of students recreated the controversial video and posted the results on Vine and various other social media networks.

The wrecking ball was taken down from its home outside the science faculty due to safety concerns, according to university staff, and is now in storage.

GVSU Students appeared to take the loss of the wrecking ball to heart, however, holding a memorial service yesterday evening, in which they allegedly held their phones in the air and sang the song in commemoration.

Once it had been liberated from the confines of having naked students swinging from it, the bifilar pendulum (to give it its proper title) also appeared to have some down time in which to create its own twitter account .

@GVSUWreckingBall tweeted on Tuesday: “Thank you to all who attended my memorial service. I will be back! #reinstalltheball #GoLakers!”

Unfortunately the account now seems to have disappeared.

The video, which sees Miley Cyrus naked and swinging  from a wrecking ball before engaging in questionable tongue activity with a hammer, has had over 118 and a half million views in the past week and has ignited various parodies, from comedians as well as university students.

After admitting that the incident had given him “a few chuckles” Head of Facilities at GVSU, Tim Thimmesch, said the wrecking ball may be reinstated elsewhere “so people can enjoy it as a piece of art and stay safe.”

Pictured: Not actual wrecking ball.

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