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What a load of cheetahs! Zoo caught out after replacing lions with dogs and snakes with rats


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Most people can usually tell the difference between a lion and a dog and between a rat and a snake.  Well, except the staff at one zoo in China.

When visitors gathered around a cage that was said to be holding an African lion, they were shocked to find that it was in fact a Tibetan Mastiff dog.

Elsewhere, white foxes were 'pretending' to be leopards and another unfortunate dog was being touted as a wolf.  

Rats were also being used as snakes. We'll guess they were caught out due to the fact that they were scurrying around everywhere rather than slithering.

One visitor, Sharon Liu, told Chinese press about taking her six-year-old son to visit the zoo.

She said: “I was trying to teach him about the sounds that every animal makes. He looked at it and then suddenly came back to me and said that it sounded like barking.

"To use a dog to impersonate a lion is definitely an insult to tourists."

Another man tried to disguise the issue in panic when he took his young son to the zoo.

Liu Wen told the Metro: “I tried to play along with it and told my son it was a special kind of lion. But then the dog barked and he knew then straight away what it was and that I lied to him.”

According to Yu Hua, who is the contractor of People’s Park, the zoo is run by a private contractor and they will get the signs "promptly corrected."

The manager later explained that the dog was actually the "lion’s friend" and that the lion had gone for breeding. Surprisingly, visitors appeared unconvinced.

A spokesperson for the zoo later said: “We’re doing our best in tough economic times. If anyone is unhappy with our displays we will give back their money."

(Pictured: Tibetan Mastiff. Not lion.)

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