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Vajazzling: a career of the future?


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In an ever deepening economic downturn, many consider opting for further qualifications when faced with bleak prospects as new graduates in a perilous jobs market.

However, we were bewildered to discover a ‘vajazzle short course’ when researching innovative qualifications.

Defying expectation and good taste, the burgeoning craze of vajazzling (vajazzle is now both a multipurpose noun and verb) has offered enterprising hopefuls with an alternative career path. Ever since Amy Childs mentioned the diamante designs in an offhand comment on the infamous The Only Way Is Essex, we have experienced a previously unprecedented rise in bejewelled bikini areas.

Following in the wake of the recent trend’s surprising popularity, many colleges, such as the London College of Beauty Therapy, have started offering Vajazzle Short courses, much to our general bewilderment.

The course offers a comprehensive study of both the 'theory' of vajazzling, colour and demonstration. The varied modules list examines the development of this new sociological phenomenon and allows the keen vajazzler to develop and hone pre-existing vajazzling skills. However those previously uninitiated in the world of Swarovski jewels in intimate places should not feel put off either!

When researching this pioneering course, we discovered this illuminating video that offers and intimate exploration of vajazzle culture:



Other bizarre and inconceivable qualifications that emerged during our research included underwater basket weaving, 'politicising Beyonce' and the enigmatically titled 'phallus course.'

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