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'Khaleesi' - future no.1 girls' name of America?

25th June 2013

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Game of Thrones has proven popular amongst the world-wide TV viewing public - so much so that 146 US baby girls have now been named ‘Khaleesi’, a name in the made up Dothraki language that means 'queen'.

To think that this many baby girls have been named after a made up word is quite remarkable.

‘Khaleesi’ translates as 'queen' in the  language, which was initially inspired by the George R.R. Martin novels and the character Daenerys Targaryan’s title in season three of GOT.

'Khaleesi' is one of the highest ranks characters can hold - possibly why there is such high popularity for the name?

Use of the name has increased by  450% since 2011, when GOT first aired in the US. Now, the epic fantasy drama is an international hit.

Baby name expert Laura Wattenberg says: “Plenty of authors dating back to Shakespeare have invented names that caught on with parents”.

Examples of this include Twelfth Night's 'Olivia' - although very few names seem to have caught on as quickly as this one.

If the whole concept of naming your child after a fictional character seems bizarre, clearly Americans don’t see it this way. The name ‘Arya’, that of another GOT character, was revealed as the fastest growing baby name in the US last year. Arya's appearance through season one didn’t show her to be a character of finesse or power, however, so how her popularity came about will remain a mystery.

It will remain to be seen for producers of the show as well as fans to see if ‘Khaleesi’ will deservedly take the throne and break the record set by 'Arya' for fastest growing baby name. Will 2013 be Khaleesi’s year?

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