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Top Ten Most Ridiculous Eurovision Performances

17th May 2013

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The Eurovision Song Contest is one of those entertainment shows that is so awful, it's hilarious. Of course, it's not meant to be funny, and there are many countries that take the competition very seriously. 

Here are the ten most ridiculous performances of the Eurovision Song Contest...

Dustin The Turkey- Ireland Douze Points

In 2008 Ireland sent a puppet to the competition where his lyrics mocked everything and everyone that is Eurovision. He should have won on the fact he gave a mention to Terry Wogan’s wig but it appears even Eurovision has a limit and this was it. Dustin failed to make it past the semi final.

Ping Pong – Sameach 

This is quite possibly the worst song I’ve ever heard. Israel’s attempt in 2000 was a song in which the strange performers shouted ‘be happy’ over and over again while jumping up and down. It managed to score seven whole points.

Scooch- Flying the Flag for You

Coming second to Ping Pong in the worst song I’ve ever heard is this. In 2007 we sent novelty pop act Scooch as our entry. The awful choreography, out of key singing and one of the worse songs I’ve ever heard earned them 23rd place.

Guildo Horn- Guildo hat euch lieb

1998 featured Guildo Horn and his band the Orthopaedic Stockings. Throughout this performance he included audience participation, he played the cowbells and performed all his own stunts. To the amazement of the whole of Europe, he took home 86 points and a 7th place finish.

Valentina Monetta – The Social Network Song

San Marino’s 2012 entry was originally called 'Facebook Uh Uh Oh' but due to advertising rules it was changed to The Social Network Song, even though all the lyrics still rhyme with Facebook.

This entry actually managed to score 31 points which can only be due to this lyric: “If you want to come to my house, click me with your mouse.”

Verka Serduchka- Dancing Lasha Tumbai

In 2007, Ukrainian drag queen Verka Serduchka finished in second place with this performance where he was wearing a scary amount of tin foil.

Lordi- Hard Rock Hallelujah

Any list about the Eurovision wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Lordi. It is not often you see heavy metal rockers dressed as monsters at the Eurovision. So it was probably for this reason that they won for Finland in 2006 with a Eurovision record of 292 points.

Jemini- Cry Baby

Probably not in the same league as some of the really bizarre performances we’ve seen so far, but this entry has to be mentioned. This was the famous song that earned the UK ‘nil points’ from everyone. They blamed the Iraq war for no one voting for them.  

Peter Nalitch and Friends – Lost and Forgotten

We all know that some countries take Eurovision very seriously and Russia in 2010 was one of these. The performer gets so into the emotions of the song, he pulls out a sketch of the woman he is singing. Amazing.

Piero and the Music Stars – Celebrate

This is probably the worst vocal performance the Eurovision Song Contest has ever seen and that is saying something. In 2004 Switzerland sent Piero and the Music Stars to represent them in the competition and by the end of the song Switzerland’s Piero was so out of breath that the last part of the song was more panting than singing. It didn’t even manage to get one point in the semi-final.

All that is left to say is good luck to Bonnie Tyler who will be representing the UK this year with her song Believe in Me.

You can catch the Eurovision Song Contest on BBC1 on Saturday at 8pm with Graham Norton.

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