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Man with world's largest penis releases song about his penis

30th April 2013

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Remember Jonah Falcon, the man with the world’s biggest penis, who caused a security scare in a San Francisco airport last summer after suspicion was raised over his suspect package?

Well, in what is possibility our favourite news story of the year so far, he’s only gone and released a song. A song about his penis, entitled ‘It’s Too Big.’ Available via iTunes and Including the lyrics: "Too damn big/It's just too damn big/Your penis too damn big yeah/It's too damn big."

Yes, this has happened.

The song was released on 16th April by Falcon and his creative partner, Billboard Top 20 dance artist Adam Barta, and according to various sources has “plenty of aural girth.”

We would expect nothing less.

Here are more lyrics:

"I heard it from all the guys and every single freakin' girl/They wanna try and take a ride on the biggest in the world/But in order to ride the beast it must be unfurled." 

Ok, so it might be more lyrical junk than genius, but let’s not be too hard on him. After all, it must be difficult to have a penis so large you have to strap it up to go through an airport.

After the San Francisco cock-up, Falcon was unembarrassed and reportedly said of the security staff, “It was probably harder on them than it was on me.” 

Unfortunately he will not be taking part in interviews to discuss his new venture, according to his publicist, former porn star Gina Rodriguez, who has also represented the Octomom. But best to check it out quickly anyway, in case his pop career falls flat.

If you don’t remember how Jonah first captured the world’s attention with his 13.5 inch member, you can remind yourself here.

Unfortunately you'll have to pay the princely sum of $0.99 to listen to 'It's too Big', and there is currently no YouTube video to accompany it. So instead here's a video of him being interviewed by Holly and Phil on This Morning. You're welcome. 

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