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Long distance relationship? Get good vibrations again with Durex's app-powered vibrating underwear


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Going to uni miles away from your other half? You might be finding it hard to keep the relationship alive - if you know what I mean.

Thank heavens, then, for Durex Australia, who are hoping to provide sweet and only slightly creepy relief to long-distance lovers with their latest concept 'Fundawear.'

What is Fundawear?

Underwear that vibrates. But that's not all.

Hi-tech gadgetry hidden in fetching sets of underwear (trunks for men, the full set for women) goes beyond vibration to accurately replicate the feeling of touch. Apparently. Best of all, it’s all controlled via a smartphone app; meaning that your partner can press your buttons from halfway across the world.

Using the technology that provides the responsive “thump” in modern smartphones, sensors called actuators are placed all around the underwear, both in the cups of the bra and in both sets of pants. App users can choose where they want to stimulate, and the intensity of the touch. The harder and faster they press on the app... you get the rest.

Durex Australia are confident that there’s a market out there for this sort of thing, stressing that Fundawear is far more interactive than your average pair of vibrating knickers.

Fundawear could save long-distance relationships up and down the country. Or at least liven up a boring lecture. 

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