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Thief returns cream whipper with sorry note


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A shopkeeper in Scarborough, Yorkshire was ‘surprised’ and ‘very pleased’ to receive a package containing a stolen cream whipper and a contrite post-it note saying "I stole this from your shop - sorry!"

Graham Walker had not realised the £70 cream whipper had been stolen but praised the thief’s honesty – not least the fact that he or she must have paid at least £3.50 in postage fees to return the item.

“I find the whole thing bizarre,” Walker told The Scarborough News.

“They shouldn’t have taken it in the first place but I’m just very pleased, and really, I would like to just thank them for bringing it back and being honest - it’s a rare thing these days.”

Mr. Walker’s daughter, who opened the package, was shocked.

“I just stood there with my mouth wide open in silence,” Kerry Walker said.

“I just thought how could anybody be so honest?”

Whilst we're all for restoring people's faith in humanity, perhaps not stealing in the first place would be a good place to start.


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