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Communist Hair: North Korea's 28 approved hairstyles


Share This Article: have released pictures of the 28 hairstyles officially approved by the North Korean government.

The ladies get off lucky with a wopping 18 styles to choose from - from '80s mom' to the ever-popular mullet, women are fine as long as their hair is no longer than shoulder length and makes them look like Rod Stewart (no.11), a US first lady (no.9), or even, inexplicably, Elvis Presley (no.10, anyone?).

'Dos for the men are limited to a relatively paltry 10 styles: the Elvis look proves it can cross genders, and short-with-mini-quiff, short-with-side-parting and short-with-tiny-fringe all make an appearance too. 'Short' is the takeaway point: the barnets of North Korea's young men must tower no higher than 5cm. Hair must be cut every 15 days, because everybody knows the dangers of long hair, right?... No? You don't? Well obviously it "takes nutrition away from their brains." No comment, North Korea.

Older men, presumably doing okay on the nutrients front, can cut a little bit loose and let their hair run free to 7cm. Married women are also encouraged to branch out - the more outrageous of the (ultra-conservative) styles are available only to those who are married.

Want some inspiration for your new socialist style? Check out the pictures here

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