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From Arsoli to Tittybong: world's rudest place names plotted on map

27th February 2013

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Have you ever chuckled to yourself whenever someone mentions Phuket, Thailand, or Six Mile Bottom in England? Then you are not alone. Now you can laugh at a whole lot more with this handy map, ‘Vaguely Rude Place Names of the World.’

Gale's hilarious creation

Londoner Gary Gale, a “self-professed geek with a life", has become the hero of every schoolboy and the immature child in all of us by mapping out a number of the world’s most puerile place names. Many of which are more than just ‘vaguely rude’!

If you have ever wanted to travel to Bumbang in Australia via Bald Knob in Arkansas and Poo in India, or just need a good giggle, this creation is for you.

Names range from the downright infantile (Arsoli in Italy and Crotch Lake, Ontario) to the positively risqué. Check those ones out for yourself!

Gale said on his website "Could you possibly combine the British fondness for innuendo with geography and put it on a map? It turns out you can.

"Maybe it's part of bring British, but an airport whose code is BUM is just... funny."

In fact, the UK has its fair share of rude place names. No doubt the postmen on their rounds to Bonar Bridge, Three Cocks, Wetwang, Brown Willy and Fanny Barks have a good old snigger.

This masterpiece will have you perusing the most creative and hilarious map of the world for hours. And judging by the comments on the website, it seems there are plenty more which need to be added. 

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