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Oddbins offers January discount to journalists, redheads, bankers and Germans


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Many high street retailers offer a 10% saving for students - but wine retailer Oddbins has launched an altogether more unusual discount scheme.

Throughout January, Oddbins will offer 10% off wine to bankers, journalists, Germans, mothers and redheads, in an attempt to celebrate “people who, in 2012, did not always receive the love that they probably deserved”.

Last weekend it was mums’ chance to pick up a bargain, as Oddbins believes mothers are much underappreciated during the festive season, and are also getting a bad deal with the government’s cap on maternity pay.

From January 11th to 13th bankers and journalists can get a discount. They may be two groups of people who caused scandals last year, but as Oddbins says “some bankers and journalists have misbehaved, but the majority should not be blamed for the actions of a minority. This country needs these guys.”

Week three is for the Germans, as a reward for the way their work ethic has led them out of recession. Finally, at the end of the month, the discount is available for redheads - who Oddbins describe as embodying the “final taboo.”

So, for redheaded German part-time banker, part-time journalists with children, now is the time to stock up!

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