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Woman convicted of 'disturbing the peace of the dead' after sex with human skeletons


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A 37-year-old Swedish woman has been sentenced with disturbing the peace of the dead, after it was discovered that she was using human bones for sexual purposes.

The skeleton parts were discovered after police were called to the woman's flat in September after a gunshot was allegedly fired from the dwelling. Police found over 100 skeleton remains in the unnamed woman's home, including six skulls and a spine, along with incriminating photographs of her kissing and licking bone parts.

A statement from the court said: "Criminal protection starts when a person dies, and the protection remains as long as there are remains of the deceased.

"The fact that the woman had moved bones constitutes a crime because she was unauthorised to do so, just as it's a crime to put together a skeleton and have it lying on the floor, to have bones in plastic bags, and to sell them."

In Gothenburg District Court, the accused was convicted of disturbing the peace of the dead, despite her claims that she had kept the skeleton parts due to historical curiosity. She has claimed that the bones she kept were handled in a respectable that her actions weren't illegal under Swedish law.

She also describes herself as an "odd bird." 

Though initially charged with a potential two year prison sentence, the court ruled that her lack of criminal record and the nature of her crimes meant she should not be jailed, but instead be sentenced to probation.

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