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Westboro Baptist Church blames Carrie Underwood for Sandy Hook


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Westboro Baptist Church blamed first Connecticut’s new gay marriage laws, then, in a bizarre twist, country singer Carrie Underwood for Connecticut's tragic shooting.

It took only hours for members of Westboro Baptist Church to take to twitter to claim that the Sandy Hook shooter was sent by God in punishment for legalising gay marriage, and not much longer for Margie Phelps to state that it was Carrie Underwood’s fault.

The organisation had previously added a page to their website condemning the singer after she expressed her support for same sex marriage, and claim that the shooting was God’s punishment for her views. “She pimped f** marriage. Blood of dead school kids on her hands! #SandyHook,” Margie tweeted on the day of the massacre.

In the days following the tragedy, Westboro Baptist Church announced plans to picket funerals of Sandy Hook victims as well as the school itself, provoking immediate outcry. A number of motorcyclists turned up on Wednesday to form a human wall to keep protestors away from the funeral of the elementary school principal, but in the end the picketers did not come.

Westboro Baptist Church have become well known for blaming individuals and gay rights for disasters and picketing funerals of pop stars and soldiers. They are closely monitored by the Anti-Defamation League as a hate group.

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