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'Unicorn lair' of ancient king discovered in North Korea

7th December 2012

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North Korean archaeologists have reported the (re)discovery of a lair belonging to the unicorn of ancient leader King Tongmyong. 

Situated two hundred metres from the Yongmyong Temple in Moran Hill, Pyongyang City, the site is marked by a rectangular rock, reading “Unicorn Lair”.

The stone is believed to date back to the time of the Koryo Kingdom, between 918 and 1392 A.D. However, if genuinely King Tongmyong’s unicorn lair, the site could be much older.

King Tongmyong is a legendary figure, credited with founding one of the ancient kingdoms of Korea in 37BC. The unicorn lair is the supposed home of his steed, as well as the place where he ascended into heaven on the creature’s back (but of course!)

This latest item in a long list of dubious claims from the hermit nation is unlikely to win the North Korean state media any credibility, although the apparent discovery does strengthen North Korean claims of dominance over the South, indicating Pyongyang as an ancient Korean capital.

The discovery of the lair may be of great interest to new leader Kim Jong Un, the fabled creature purportedly appearing to rulers of great wisdom.


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