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Celebrating the world's best moustaches


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Last Sunday, as The National Beard and Moustache Championships held their third annual competition in Downtown Las Vegas, spectators witnessed a bountiful display of bearded beauties. In a month no more appropriate, the competition for the best of the best was fierce.

People entering this competition are undoubtedly real men of the highest manly calibre. The categories in place consist of eighteen different classifications ranging from freestyle moustaches to garibaldi full beards and of course stylish sideburns, the signifier of true manliness.

The official website for the competition states that “the competition is open to everyone, regardless of nationality, experience, or group affiliation”, provided, that is, that you have the capabilities of growing a beard in the first place; as I am sure everyone can agree, the month of Movember certainly separates the men from the boys.

The amphitheatre in which the event is held has seating capacity for “3000 beardsmen and their fans” boasts the official website. This event is clearly no mean feat and having seen some of the beards in all their glory it is not surprising that most of these seats were full.

Just a month ago Brighton held their first ever beard and moustache competition at the Brighton Dome and it was a roaring success. With a turnout of around 100 contestants flaunting some of the finest in facial hair and 11 categories to contend with, it seems the success of the first year will bring with it a feistier and more ferocious competition come next year.

We are mostly all aware of these slightly bizarre activities taking place around the world but I can guarantee most of us haven’t yet experienced them. Perhaps with Brighton being closer to home, next year might see a rise in facial hair fans as well as competitors. 

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