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Top 10 greatest moustaches of all time

20th November 2012

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Moustaches are gracing upper lips across the land - and because they’re for a good cause we can’t grimace in horror at the truly awful ones. Let’s hope the lads of England take inspiration from these bad boys: the top ten most famous moustaches and their owners. Those who rocked the ‘tash so well, they’ve gone down in history...

10.      Teddy Roosevelt
One of only four US presidents with a standalone moustache, Teddy’s was certainly the greatest of the lot. Large and bushy, it emanated all the qualities needed for a successful leader. Though I’m sure that’s not the only reason he was voted in... probably.

9.      Freddie Mercury
Freddie donned this masculine upper lip hair as he toured delighting our ears with such manly tunes as Bohemian Rhapsody and Don’t Stop Me Now. Well he’s got us persuaded!

8.      Hulk Hogan
One look at this man’s handlebar ‘tash was enough to make you quiver in your boots - before he pounded you into the ground in the ring. Definitely the toughest moustache in the land.

7.      Vincent Price
Rather a different class of moustache, but certainly worth recognition, Price’s was sleek and smooth like his captivating voice... “and though you fight to stay alive...”

6.      Sean Connery
Oh-so-sexy when he was young and tashless, but with the addition of a silver tash his sexiness hasn’t abated. It must be those Scottish genes.

5.      Friedrich Nietzsche
A strange man to hear, and even stranger to behold. The ordered mind of this famous philosopher was counterbalanced by a terribly haphazard moustache, which seemed to wish to escape from his mouth quicker than his philosophical musings.

4.      Eddie Murphy
Perhaps harkening for his days as a hairy donkey, Murphy manages to make the moustache a cheeky addition to the face, supporting rather than eclipsing that mischievous grin.

3.      Johnny Depp
Depp has flirted with the moustache (not to mention the general female public) for decades, but it seems good ole Captain Jack may have persuaded him to keep it as a permanent fixture. Now it can be added to the long list of attributes which shouldn’t be sexy, but are on Johnny Depp.

2.      Salvador Dali
A surrealist through and through, Dali’s bizarre, elongated, pencil-thin moustache has become almost as famous as his art. Though perhaps that was his intent, adding a piece of surrealism to his face.

1.   Tom Selleck
The unofficial face of Movember, the sexiest moustache to come out of the 80s, the one man who could ever make us question the success of Chandler and Monica’s relationship: Tom Selleck truly is the king of the moustache.

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