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Sex robots: the answer to a longer life?

19th November 2012

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Admit it, you've always wondered if there really is a secret formula to living a long life - what would you say if someone told you it was to bunk up with a robot?

Futurist website Transhumanity believe it is just that - taking the link between orgasmic hormones and improved health to a whole new level.

Transhumanists seek to uncover all different kinds of ways to transform the human condition and enhance it intellectually, physically and psychologically - with up and coming technologies playing a big part in their attempts.

After studies in a book called The Longevity Project suggested that women who experience a higher number of orgasms during sex live longer, the Transhumanists argue that 'sex robots' will be best equipped to ensure we all get the chance to test the study on ourselves.

They believe human efforts will pale in comparison to the sex robots' mechanical stamina, technique and ability to provide countless 'longevity orgasms'.

'Longevity orgasms' seem to be more about quantity than quality - so the more orgasms the sex robots provide, the more life-enhancing hormones are released, thus bettering their human lover's life span.

Of course, it may take a while to see if this theory really holds its own - although researchers from Victoria University in New Zealand believe sex tourism will see a big increase in 'robot prostitutes' by the year 2050.

So, if you really are wanting to survive into your twilight years, prepare to let romance take an early grave instead!

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