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TNS Web Dump: Walking houses and portable pizza ovens


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There’s no denying that technology makes our lives much easier.  But I’m not convinced that this is necessarily always a good thing.

Walking houseIt seems to me as if people are increasingly unwilling to do anything for themselves. Whether it’s a new gadget or just a way to do something quicker, we’re constantly inventing objects that enable us to make even less of an effort in the course of our daily lives. There might even come a day when we don’t even need to leave the house any more.

I’m sad to say that that day may already have arrived after a Danish art collective built a walking house. To be completely fair to the Danish designers, the portable house does have some very real advantages.  It would, for example, allow its owners to escape from rising flood waters (albeit at walking pace).

Although one of the Danes plans to live in the house himself, he also points out that it would be ideal for the travelling community.  As enticing as the idea of a walking house is, I’m still fairly sure that a caravan is both more useful and more cost-effective. It would probably be pretty difficult to take your house for a stroll down the M62.

Porta-Pizza OvenIf a walking house sounds like your idea of fun then the next product is probably right up your street. Personally, I find that the worst thing about long car journeys is the fact that you end up being completely reliant on service stations. If you get hungry then you have no other option except to splash out on a half-empty sandwich and a tasteless coffee from a generic coffee chain.

The days of over-priced coffee may be numbered, however, with the invention of the in-car Porta-Pizza Oven.  Yours for just $36.00, you could soon have the chance to either cook or warm your pizza as you travel. It turns out, though, that many people are less than enthusiastic about the product.  The first comment on the page describes the Porta-Pizza Oven as “the STUPIDEST idea EVER”!

This week, the spirit of competitive sport was dealt a harsh blow. In the 89th minute of a third division women’s football match between Amherst and Colby, an Amherst player threw the ball into her opponent’s face not once, but twice. Quite understandably, the Amherst player received a yellow card.I won’t ruin the score for you. I’ll let you catch it on Match of the Day later.

Finally, if you’re starting to consider what to put on your Christmas list, you might want to think twice about asking for an iPad.  This next video shows staff at a branch of Walmart chucking peoples’ orders around the warehouse in what seems like an intentional attempt to break them. The strangest thing is that a lot of the Walmart employees seem to look the same. The thrower and the guy recording his antics could be twins.  As outraged as I am, I can’t help but feel a bit suspicious. The over-repetition of the word iPad just screams secret marketing ploy.


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