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TNS Web Dump: Adult seniors gospel choir does Eminem


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Most people seem to be quite embarrassed by their grandparents at times. I’m sure they love them really but occasionally (perhaps after a long phone-call in which nothing much was really said) they get on the nerves of their younger relatives.

Everyone has a variety of embarrassing stories about their grandparents.  A lot of them tend to involve technology.  I can’t count the amount of times that I’ve heard about someone’s grandmother thinking LOL meant “lots of love”.  I once had a friend whose grandmother asked her if she’d been getting the texts she’d been sending her. The lady in question had been opening a text message and then speaking into the handset.

So it’s nice to see the elderly members of our communities getting up-to-date with modern culture.  For example, take this video of the FBC Senior Adult Gospel Choir showing just how diverse their musical repertoire is. Songs performed include Lose Yourself by Eminem, Ridin’ Dirty by Chamillionaire and (my favourite) Nelly’s Hot in Herre.

I don’t know why but it feels like something’s not quite right here.  It certainly doesn’t look like the members of the choir are enjoying themselves very much.  In fact, they look downright uncomfortable.  The only person who seems to be having fun is the choirmaster.  He’s having a whale of a time, and he’s taking the best solos while he’s at it.

DogshamingProbably the next most embarrassing member of many families is the pet.  However, while granny and grandpa will probably be corrected if they make a blunder, pets are allowed to continue with their bad behaviour.  In their defence, they don’t understand what you’re saying so probably shouldn’t be expected to learn from it.  But even so, you’d hope that after being told off several times, they’d get the message. My cat, Fred, for example, will only drink from the toilet.  It doesn’t matter how many fancy bowls we buy for him or how many times we shut the lid and tell him not to, he pays us no attention.

Some dog-owners have decided that enough is enough.  After suffering for too long at the hands of their pets, they now have the option of naming and shaming their guilty mutts online on Dogshaming, a website dedicated to canine justice.  Some of their confessions include: “My mom stepped in my diarrhoea”, “I bite the people who love me” and “I get stuck on the stairs and have to bark to be rescued.”

I’ve always wondered about how people in other countries hear about news in Britain. For example, how would a gated community in the middle of the Amazon rainforest be expected to follow the London mayoral elections without any prior knowledge of Boris Johnson? The answer seems to be to make the subject as simple as possible regardless of how insensitive this may be. That’s certainly the case with the way in which NMA, a Taiwanese online news channel, covered the recent revelations about Jimmy Saville.

And finally, some happier news for the USA’s tallest man. Ivor Vovkovinsky, who stands at 7-foot-8.33-inches, has not been able to wear trainers since he was sixth grade due to the size of his feet. Thanks to a gift of a set of specially-designed Reebok trainers, Ivor is now able to get out of the house more often and start enjoying life again. You can read the full story here.

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