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It might be that after a summer full of sport some of you are starting to feel withdrawal symptoms.  As the days grow shorter, opportunities for both watching and playing sport are increasingly thin on the ground.

Obama action figureOne of the most commonly-heard conversations while the Olympics were in full swing was about how great it was to watch some of the lesser-known sports too. And while for a lot of people this extended no further than the women’s beach volleyball, I’m sure there were some Britons who genuinely got really into doubles table tennis.

If you do fancy maintaining an interest in minority sports then maybe you consider one of the UK’s up and coming sporting events, chess-boxing. In a series of rounds, chess-boxers play a game of chess before following that up with a boxing match. And so on and so forth. As far as I can work out, the winner is the first person to get checkmate or knock out their opposition. I can’t help but feel that the sport would be that much better (or just more ridiculous) if the competitors had to wear boxing gloves during the chess rounds as well. You can get more information here.

 If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from the US presidential race, it’s that Barack Obama is a really cool guy.  In fact, if elections were decided on the basis of how cool the candidates were, I reckon that Mitt Romney would really be trailing. So it’s no surprise that people and companies around the world are starting to cash in on his universal appeal. In fact, presidential second cousins and half brothers seem to be springing up everywhere from Droitwich to Dakar. In the business world, some Japanese entrepreneurs have even
released an Obama action figure, which includes guns, a samurai sword, a selection of red and blue ties and a picnic set.

Kiwi inside an MRI scannerSomething else really cool that I happened upon this week was this collection of fruit and vegetables inside an MRI scanner. Andy Ellison of Boston Medical School, who perhaps should have been using his time and MRI scanner more efficiently, took photos to show what the contents of your fruit bowl look like inside. It doesn’t sound particularly gripping but, let me assure you, it’s groundbreaking.

Finally, this last video has blown by mind so much that I’m still not actually sure if it’s real.  A French man is lying at the bottom of the pool blowing bubbles up towards the camera.  So far, so normal. What I forgot to mention was that these bubbles are in the shape of circles.  Being able to blow smoke rings is impressive enough already, so for somebody to blow underwater smoke rings is no mean feat.  I’m combing the internet for tutorials but have had no luck as of yet.

Video - Bulles dans la piscine


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