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Bagel head surgery on the rise in Japan

8th October 2012

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Bagels have always had their place in popular consciousness, from the cast of The O.C. devouring them each morning to their central place on the counter in Central Perk. But few could have anticipated the latest, and utterly bizarre, incarnation of bagel appreciation. Enter, “The Bagel Head”.

Here, for a small fee, a bagel devotee can have a saline drip attached to their head, which is then used to sculpt a huge protruding bulge in the centre of their forehead, and then have it pressed by the ‘artist’ into the shape of a bagel.

Many will be relieved to know that the effects only last for 16-24 hours.

The controversial surgery was pioneered in Japan, where it has a coterie of dedicated followers. Several hold ‘saline parties’ where the surgery is performed on guests, while others get it done regularly as part of their preparation for club nights and fetish parties.

The founder of the trend is widely regarded to be Kerroppy, whose legal name is Ryoichi Maeda, a photographer and journalist from Tokyo. He claims he initially had the idea for the surgery as early as 1999, but things only started to come together upon him meeting a man mysteriously only identified as ‘Jerome’. He appears to be the brains behind the technicalities of the saline infusions, and gave his consent for Kerroppy to attempt to popularise the surgery in Japan.

His attempts proved highly successful and it looks as if this controversial new ‘beauty trend’, if it can be called that, is set to give people a novel way to pay homage to the bagel for years to come.  

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