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Drunken students at Thorpe Park breathalysed and put on park's largest rollercoaster

1st October 2012

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Forget hair of the dog - Thorpe Park managers have decided that the ultimate freshers' hangover cure is to ride an adrenaline boosting rollercoaster with a 127ft drop...

Following a 250% increase in patrons vomiting on rides due to alcohol, managers at Thorpe Park have decided to breathalyse people who look either under the influence, or under the weather due to alcohol. Failing the test will not result in you being sent home by an unhappy manager, but sent to ride the exhilarating Swarm.

Neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis found that the blast of oxygen on the high-speed Swarm improves the metabolic rate of drunken riders, which then boosts speeds at which toxins are broken down.

This increase is partly due to fresher’s going wild the night before hitting Thorpe Park in Surrey, which is close to a number of universities. Those deemed over the limit will be directed to ride the hangover busting attractions before continuing their day at the park.

The divisional director of Thorpe Park, Mike Vallis, said: "Thorpe Park does not condone drinking and riding, however, during this Fresher’s Week period, we realise that a number of our guests do not recognise that they are suffering from the effects of the night before.”

Managers are hoping that this excessive decision will satisfy families, who will no longer be required to wait whilst rides are closed due to clean-up operations.

Mr Vallis added: “We felt it was our duty to ensure that all of our guests enjoy the extreme nature of our rides and by putting them on the Swarm, which is proven to be the ultimate hangover cure. We are confident our guests will have a great, and hopefully vomit-free, day.”

So students be aware of these changes next time you plan to spend the day at Thorpe Park - breathalaysers have been fitted next to the height restrictions so there is no getting away with it!

If you don’t mind the idea of being "picked up and dragged on the wings of the Swarm as you’re left exposed and vulnerable either side of the track with nothing above or below you but air, and brave gut-wrenching near misses that will take you terrifyingly close to a flaming fire truck and rotating helicopter blades", then by all means drink the night before you plan to visit Thorpe Park, as this will be awaiting you on your arrival.

However, if you’re scared of taking a "death-defying flight for your life through apocalyptic devastation on the UK’s first winged rollercoaster’" then beware. Below is a video of what you could be letting yourself in for...


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