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Woman jailed after drunkenly commandeering a boat and claiming she was Jack Sparrow


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You think you go wild when drunk? You surely haven’t heard about Alison Whelan, a 51 year old lady who followed a two-day drinking session by stealing a boat and commandeering it drunk. Her explanation? "I’m a pirate!"

Encouraged by a combination of Lambrini and hallucinogenic nightshade Alison Whelan and her friend Tristam Locke hijacked a passenger ferry in Devon causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

They boarded a 100-seat ferry Dart Princess with the intention of sailing away to Saint Tropez, the culprit later explained.

Emergency services heard her shout: "I’m Jack Sparrow, I’m a pirate" while she was drifting away.

But whatever the link between Whelan and Jack Sparrow is it is definitely not navigating skills. After her take off she began hitting other vessels, according to a witness – "like a pinball machine," until she came to rest upstream on the River Dart an hour later.

30 ambulance, police, coastguard and RNLI officers arrived at the scene and watched Whelan crash a £70,000 fibreglass catamaran. When they tried to intercept the boat she shouted: "What are you going to do now?" and "I believe this is out of your jurisdiction."

She later explained that she can get "a bit cocky" when drunk.

Whelan admitted that she and Locke had been on a drinking spree and consumed deadly nightshade, which caused her to hallucinate. She was pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicle taking and was jailed for 122 days.

This is the day we actually caught captain Jack Sparrow.

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