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Woman finds ex living in the attic - 12 years after break-up


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"It’s not you it’s me." Ah the infamous line. Break-ups hardly ever end well but if you’re going through a split right now, spare a thought for the woman who thought her break up was over 12 years ago... then she found her ex hiding in the attic.

Tracy, of Rock Hill, South Carolina is the single mother of five who heard strange noises coming from the ceiling last Saturday at around 2:30am. After trying to dismiss the sounds as a ‘poltergeist or something’ her sons and nephew had a look in the attic.

It was there that they uncovered Tracy’s ex-boyfriend, who had made himself at home in her attic since he was released from prison two weeks earlier.

The man, who had allegedly served time in prison for stealing a car, was covered in old coats and jackets and sleeping in the heating unit, according to Tracy and her family. He is said to have run downstairs and out of the house before the police arrived.

Urine and faeces were found in several cups in the attic. It was also found that the ex boyfriend had chosen a spot in the attic where he could look down at Tracy in her bedroom through the air vents.

It is unknown as to how the man got there, however the only access to the woman’s attic is through a door in a hallway which connects her children’s bedrooms, according to Local 8.

The suspect is still on the run and Tracy is said to be ‘flabbergasted’.

Since this bizarre story broke it has cultivated national attention and Tracy (who has requested that her last name remain anonymous) has allegedly been approached by various news outlets to see if she would be willing to show her face on camera. Further to this, ABC with Inside Edition are creating contracts for an hour-long re-enactment. Tracy’s nursing colleagues insist that she’ll soon have a ‘book and movie deal’. 

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