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When I come across people with strange hobbies, I often wonder where it all began.  It’s fairly easy to see how someone might take up Sunday League Football or trying to trace their family tree, but I struggle to imagine how you’d get involved with something like competitive bog snorkelling.

I guess it could arise from a particular talent that you already have.  I can see that those families who used to spend their free time constructing fighting machines for an appearance on Robot Wars probably had a knack for engineering.  Likewise, being able to speak with your mouth closed is a pre-requisite for taking up ventriloquism.  These guys have taken it a step further though and assembled all of their creepy dolls to make a ventrilo-choir.

For starters, where do you get a ventriloquist dummy from in the first place?  Are there specialist shops?  I would hope that at least the politically incorrect, ethnic minority versions are no longer in production.  Another thing, I hope I’m not the only person who feels an immense sense of satisfaction whenever I see one of the ventriloquists move their lips.  I feel like I’m beating them at their own game.

Stranger things were afoot in the Land of the Rising Sun this week, where a man who served people his own cooked genitals was charged with indecent exposure. Mao Sugiyama charged five guests around
£160 to tuck in to his private parts, which were garnished with mushrooms and a sprig of parsley.  He Lambeth Country Showadvertised the event, which was attended by around 70 people, on Twitter. Due to the fact that cannibalism
is not illegal in Japan (what?!), he faces a maximum of two years in prison. You can read the full story here.

A bit closer to home, competitors at the Lambeth Country Show put their all into winning the elusive top prizes in the “vegetable character competition”. First prize in the “vegetable animal competition” went to a broccoli poodle while Harvest Cocker, a vegetable tribute to the Pulp frontman, swept to victory in the “Harvest Festival-themed vegetable figure competition”.  All in all, a grape time was had by everyone there.

Finally, I’m sure that lots of you have heard the recent story about a woman finding her ex-boyfriend living in her attic (if not, you can read about it here).  As strange as this story is, Joe Cummings, an actor from New York, has an even odder tale to tell about unwanted houseguests. Joe became suspicious after food started going missing from his apartment and set up a hidden camera, expecting to catch his girlfriend red-handed.  The actual culprit was a woman who had broken into his flat several weeks earlier and, since that time, had been living in a loft space above the kitchen and helping herself to food and drinks.  And the weirdest part is that she had also been using the kitchen sink as a toilet. Gross.


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