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Freshers: Top 10 strangest university societies...


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At Freshers Fair you'll be confronted with many societies, all trying to convince you that they are THE one to join. But what are the wackiest societies out there? We lift the lid on the random, kooky, and downright bizarre...

1) Harry Potter and Gin (St Andrews University)

The Harry Potter and Gin Society, St Andrews SU says, was designed to "celebrate two of the greatest things in life: Harry Potter and gin." Members are sorted into their Hogwarts Houses (before presumably being presented with copious amounts of gin) as they enter in a world of pub quidditch and mythology meets inebriation. But what would JK think?

2) The Pirate Society (University of Sussex)

Join the Pirate society for a year of swashbuckling fun, rum, and eyepatches, as you take to your vessel in... erm, Sussex. The origin of the society is a dark tale, described by it's founder: “The Pirate Society started life as all truly great ideas do: over a few tankards of ale in the local tavern.

"On a dark and stormy night on Sussex campus, six costumed buccaneers assembled in a campus bar, unaware that they were making history."

The society gained a small amount of notoriety for its efforts to takeover the SU, but also runs pleasant non-piratey trips to the cinema, sans rum and swords.

3) LURPS (Lancaster University Role Play Society)

Often found stalking through campus in medieval attire, brandishing plastic swords from Toys R Us, led by a blonde faerie queen in a velvet dress. Imaginative. 

4) Stitch, Bake, and Bitch (Northumbria University)

A society designed to combine a love of knitting, baking and bitching. "We are a society for anyone who loves to bake, sew, get creative or just have a good bitch about everything from the work at uni to X Factor," they say. So even if you're a novice with a needle and no Nigella in the kitchen, sign up, unload what's on your mind - and have a lovely cake to show at the end of it.

5) Assasin's Guild (University of Sheffield)

Sheffield's  Assassin's Guild aims to re-enact "a series of non-lethal games of mock-assassination where players are designated a target which they then have to hunt down whilst being targeted themselves", a description that reminds us of playing army games in the playground. The winner, of course, is the sole survivor of these mock killing sprees!

6) Bob Dylan Society (University of Warwick)

Whilst not inherently weird to like Bob Dylan, one does wonder what a society dedicated to the man gets up to? How much bonding over a mutual love of BD can you do?

7) Sheila and Her Dog Society (Cambridge University)

Cambridge students are clearly a nostalgic bunch, either that, or the pressure of attending the UK number one can send anyone a little out of wack. The Sheila and Her Dog Society has nothing to do with Sheila, or her dog. Instead activities include "reading of a children's book in silly voices", and more cryptic games like "Penguin Sacrifice and Summoning the Grey Dragon". Pub crawls are out, as the society rules that drinking is limited to "the consumption of cocoa, soft drinks and other suitable beverages for six year olds." But they do play hide and seek on the Cambridge Campus. After dark. Well Jel.

8) Pagan Society (Newcastle University)

For believers in the Pagan Religion, The Pagan Society meet fortnightly in the local library to discuss Paganism, hold open rituals, and spread the word on the campus. Most interesting are their trips to what the Newcastle SU calls "ancient sites"....

9) Lemon Fanta Society (University of York)

But Fruit Twist is so much better, isn't it? Apparently those in York disagree, and have so much love for the lemon fizzy stuff that they've set up a whole society in its honour. We can't imagine what they talk about...

10) Beer Pong Society (University of Swansea)

 A society dedicated to the legendary freshers came, which takes two teams, 12 cups, and a whole lot of beer. The objective? well, technically, it's to sink and defeat the opposing team. A society sure to win favour with fans of the drunken halls game, and those who just want to relive the good old days...

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