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Cross-dressing doctor arrested after illegal cosmetic op causes exploding butt implants


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A cross-dressing doctor was arrested last week for the murder of a patient – to whom he had given an illegal butt implant.

Morris Garner, 52, botched the procedure in March 2011, which resulted in the death of Mississippi resident Karima Gordon, 37, several days later. He currently faces life imprisonment for his actions.

Miss Gordon travelled 382 miles from Atlanta to Garner’s home in Jackson, Mississippi, to undergo the operation.

Two weeks previously she received a referral for $200 from an individual known only to the police as “Pebbles”.

She began experiencing discomfort several hours into the drive home to Atlanta. When she called Garner for advice, he told her to take some cough syrup.

According to statement from Southern Regional Hospital, her implants “ruptured” and she later died from complications related to poisoning.

The Associated Press alleges Miss Gordon was working as a stripper at the time of her death and had previously served in the U.S. military. She is survived by her two children.

A friend of the deceased told Mail Online that Gordon first considered the procedure after a break-up. Apparently, she believed Mr Garner was “a fully licensed and trained plastic surgeon and that it would be “risk-free”.

Police are encouraging any former patients of Garner’s to come forward, as it is still unknown whether the implant used was real or counterfeit.

Mississippi law rules that Garner will be charged with a ‘depraved heart murder’, meaning the defendant displayed a lack of empathy for the victim. Mississippi attorney general Jim Hood says: “Mr Gordon did not wish to kill this woman, but his actions show virtually no concern for her well-being, which we treat as murder.”

Unlicensed cosmetic procedures are outlawed in the United States. A New Jersey woman is currently charged with “reckless manslaughter” after injecting 22-year-old Justin Street with a fatal dose of silicone during a penis enhancement.

In May, RadarOnline ran a story about fashion designer and cosmetologist April Brown who suffered such severe infections following an unauthorised butt injection that she had to have all four of her limbs amputated.

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