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Men arrested in Delhi airport after security detects small mammals stuffed in their underwear

13th September 2012

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Three men were arrested in Delhi airport after being found attempting to smuggle two slender lorises in their underpants.

The men were attempting to board a flight when security guards detected the mammals. One of the lorises was reported to be 7inches in length – a difficult bulge to conceal. Two of the men were arrested and the third was released without charge. 

After being discovered the animals were transferred to the Delhi-based organisation People For Animals and were both said to be in an ‘Ok, but deteriorating’ condition.

It is believed that the animals were purchased as pets in Bangkok. An investigation of the incident is under way.

Slender lorises are found only in the tropical rainforests of Southern India and Sri Lanka. The animals are currently at risk from their recently increased popularity in the growing exotic pet trade.The capture, trade and ownership of the animals is illegal. The animals often die in captivity as a result of poor nutrition and infection from the removal of their front teeth. The animals are the genetic siblings of the slow loris which gained internet fame from a deluge of videos showing them as adorable pets. While these animals may be exceptionally cute they are endangered and their numbers are dwindling in the wild.

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