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Ben & Jerry's suing porn company over 'Ben & Cherry' films


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Our favourite frozen treat-makers are suing a porn company for copyright infringement after claims that adult DVD 'Ben & Cherry' defamed the good name of the company.

According to Ben & Jerry’s, Rodax Distributions Inc. didn’t have permission to reference to their trademarked flavours.

Other titles that caused trouble include Hairy Garcia, Chocolate Fudge Babes, Peanut Butter D-cup and Boston Cream Thigh, which according to Ben & Jerry’s would likely cause ‘confusion, mistake or deception.’

But it’s not only the suggestive titles. The last straw was the packaging of the DVDs, in which the key Ben & Jerry’s elements - grazing cows, puffy clouds and green meadow - were exploited.

Until the first court hearing, on Wednesday in New York, the offending DVDs are banned from sale, distribution, advertisement and promotion.

Ben & Jerry’s are famous for word and name-play ice-cream flavours, offering such delights as Cherry Garcia, Phish Food and Imagine Whirled Peace, not to mention saucier choices such as Karamel Sutra.   

Somehow Hairy Garcia just doesn't sound as appetising. 


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