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The most successful CV of the year


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One lucky student’s job application has had more than one and a half million hits on Imgur in just four days. Position applied for: boyfriend.

The anonymous student was responding to a post advertised on Facebook for the position of 'boyfriend'. The savvy candidate whipped up a quick covering letter and posted it under the dorm room door of said advertising girl.

Unfortunately, we are still yet to hear if his application was successful or not.

A worthy candidate, he has a degree in Agricultural Education and is currently studying Unmanned Aircraft Systems, two courses which complement each other impeccably. His skill set includes “cuddling”, “tolerance for shopping”, “oral sex” and “ability to prepare own meals”. He is clearly a very talented young man, having held a position in the top ten leader boards for Call of Duty 2 and 3 for seven months until he was no longer able to pay for his Xbox Live Platinum Account subscription [reasons for why his subscription ended are based on pure speculation].

He can also use Playstation 3 and speak 1337 5p341< (according to reliable source Daily Mail this means Leet Speak which is “a secret language used by computer enthusiasts.")

So should this applicant’s wishes to “have an opportunity to work with you, your friends, and your family” be granted? The board have been discussing the matter for a number of days. Numerous commentators have responded with the positive call to “wife him.”

However, some are more inclined to pick all details of the applicant’s covering letter to shreds. One critic warned: “Careful... He’s listed as ‘single’ on his W2 Tax Forms. What about on his Xbox Live Platinum account?” Another noted that maybe his credentials should deter rather than impress the reader, saying “As a girl who just recently got dumped by a gamer guy... be careful out there. All is not as it seems to be.”

In the follow-up to his CV submission he is being called in for interview at the request of one commentator who demanded: “You must call him for an interview to inquire if oral sex is given or received.” It is then to be determined whether he will receive an “attached Friendzone Transfer Form”, an “unpaid internship” or a wifing; all suggestions which have been proposed by different board members.

Judge for yourself whether he should receive an offer here:

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