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China hosts 'Dairy Cow Beauty Contest'


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Staying true to form, China the nation famously known worldwide for its generous deployment of bikini models to spice up industry conferences and meetings just held its first ever Dairy Cow Beauty Contest.

Designed to promote the dairy industry of Shanyin County in the central Chinese province of Shanxi, the weekend contest pitted more than 200 cows against each other based on looks, milk and pedigree.

So it just a beauty contest for cows, what’s so weird about this? I hear you say, well it’s not the cows or the event itself that is causing controversy, it’s the eight bikini models that were hired and made to pose awkwardly next to, and even milk them, that has churned much controversy.

Photos of these girls wearing masks and posing next to cows have been circulating on social media sites since Monday.

On Sina Corp’s popular Weibo microblogging service, most users milked the ample potential to make puns about the contest, but a few were more critical of the proceedings.

“Shanxi’s cow models” — an inconceivable objectification of women,” wrote one user posting under the screen name Ariel_Meow.

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