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New World Record set at mobile phone throwing contest in Finland


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No, you did not read the headline incorrectly. Mobile phone throwing is an international sport that started in Finland 2000 and this year a Finnish teenager managed to set a new world record with a throw of over 101 metres.

According to the mobile phone throwing website, the contest began as a response to improper way in which old mobile phones were being disposed of.

There were plenty of mobile phones at the bottom of Finnish lakes which were causing environmental problems due to the toxicity of the batteries. Apart from the fun element, the intent of the competition was to convince people that there are better ways of getting rid of their faulty mobile devices.

Since the first contest, mobile phone throwing has attracted participants from around the world, this has led to official national championships all over Europe including in the UK - where an annual event is organised by 8th Day UK Ltd.

This year’s world championship took place on August 18th in Savonllina where Finnish teen Ere Karjalainen, who said he drank the night before in preparation for the event, set a new mobile phone throwing record, with a distance of 101.46 metres. In the women’s competition a hammer-throwing athlete hurled the phone 42.47 meters.

Staying true to the competition’s official description – “a sport that combines recycling philosophy and fun” – all phones used during the contest were gathered recycled.

Due to the fact that not a lot of training is required to be good at this sport, it is highly doubtful that we’ll be seeing this mobile phone throwing at Rio 2016. But you can still check out this year’s competition in the video below.

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