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Chinese toddlers get heads stuck in balconies


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We here at TNS have noticed a new trend in China; it’s a bit of a strange one and it looks like if something isn’t done to prevent this, it might become an epidemic! What’s the trend you ask? Well it seems that Chinese toddlers can’t stop getting their heads stuck in balconies.

It’s starts with this one, in this video posted on June the 7th 2012, it shows a young boy dangling over a 40ft drop after his head stuck on a balcony handrail while his parents were out.

Luckily neighbours spotted the child and tried to rescue him. Eventually the little toddler managed to pull himself back up.

It happens again a month later, different toddler but a similar scenario. Again the toddler was left at home alone and got stuck after wandering down the balcony. She was spotted by passers-by and rescued by a man with a ladder.

Now today, only few weeks after the events in the previous video, ITN reports that it has happened again only this time it was kind of intentional, just check out the video.

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