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Family of bears break into cabin and drink 100 cans of beer

15th August 2012

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It could be said that students aren’t so different to bears. They hate being woken up, they sleep a lot - and apparently they can drink a lot of beer. 

A family of bears in Finnmarken, Norway, proved to the world that they can party harder than any student after breaking into a cabin and consuming 100 beers. Move over drunk Swedish Elk, you no longer possess the title of Drunkest Scandinavian Animal.

The mother bear and her three cubs broke into the cabin by ripping off a wall before proceeding to eat and drink everything cabin owner Evan Borthen Nilsen had stored there. The mess was discovered by his mother and grandmother, who saw the excrement and footprints and could figure who to point the finger at.

After the heavy drinking sesh, the bears clearly became a little peckish, as they also ate all Nilsen's marshmellows and chocolate spread. They also managed to channel their inner Winnie the Pooh by finishing off all the honey. The cabin was wrecked, with all the kitchen appliances and beds torn apart.

It seems unlikely they will come back with an apology and cleaning supplies. Nilsen, who has previously studied the aimals, fears they will return now the cubs have a taste for beer.

He added: “It's almost like taken out of Goldilocks and the three bears”.


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