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Smoking orangutan forced to go cold turkey


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An orangutan in Jakarta, Indonesia, has been moved to a separate smaller island so she can confront her smoking addiction.

This nicotine addict of chimp regularly smokes the saves of cigarettes tossed in by visitors.

She imitates human smokers, delicately placing the cigarette between her fingers and poses for pictures as tourists take holiday snaps of her puffing away and tapping her ashes onto the ground.

Visitors have even started lighting and throwing in full fags to watch her chuff like a chimney, which is what prompted the move to safety.

Chimp Tori, who is 15 years old, is going to be moved away to a small island within the zoo along with four other endangered orangutans, including her partner Didik, at the central Java Zoo in the town of Solo.

Medical tests on all the orang-utans revealed that all four of them were in a healthy condition.

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