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It's where all the cool cats go...


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Only in China can you have a truly horrific day at the office but be comforted by the fact that come five o clock you can sidle down to the “cat bar” and unwind along some feline females while you sip a latte and stroke some kitties.  Purr-fect!

The bar, the third of its kind, boasts six Scottish fold cats that are poised to wait on your hand and paw in Shanghai.

Workers are invited to come play, unwind and relax with their feline friends where the cats can help them chill out after the stresses of modern office life and is apparently a hit with cat lovers.

Although this probably has not a lick of health and safety about it, I probably wouldn’t leave your hot chocolate with all the trimmings unattended else it’ll be another cat who got the cream.

Dress code is well groomed and music includes classics such as “Rock The Cat-bBar “and “What’s p Pussy Cat” are firm favourites.


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