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London pranksters take commuters for a ride with fake sign


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A sign, which has been spotted on the London tube network, has been amusing passengers in the run up to the Olympic Games. Despite its official appearance, it humorously reads: ‘Peak hours may necessitate that you let someone sit on your lap’.

Prank sign

London commuters who have spotted the sign have anticipated, with amusement, that new visitors to the capital may be misled by the message, believing that tube etiquette during busy periods – as is inevitable during the 2012 celebrations – dictates that passengers with a seat are expected to offer their lap to provide further comfort to the standing sardines.

An individual who recently spotted the sign in London said on Facebook:

“It looks so real. I just laughed as soon as I read it.”

During the Olympic Games the number of daily trips on London transport is expected to rise to 6.8 million, double the amount normally seen using the network. 800,000 spectators need to travel to and from the Olympic venues during the busy period and such numbers will put unprecedented pressure on the existing system.

In response to a TNS enquiry about the signs, the Chief Press Officer for Transport for London, Steve Taylor said:

 “This is nonsense. It is not an official sign.”

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