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Innovative cake design for the sweet and savoury tooth


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Young baker Steph Parker has been wowing the public with her unique cake designs. Instead of simply adding an extra tier or filling, the 25-year-old from Birmingham has decided to go where no baker has been before by adding mechanical parts to her impressive creations.

With a portfolio which includes a working, spinning slot machine and a train cake complete with functioning railway line, it is hardly surprising that Parker is taking the baking world by storm. Her most expensive cake cost £300 to make and many of her works of art take up to five days to complete.

Beyond the customers wanting intricate cakes with motion features, Parker has also managed to fill another gap in the market by providing cakes in disguise, which closely resemble other foods. Despite being the image of a favourite savoury food, the reality is an unexpected and delicious sponge cake. That’s guaranteed to tickle a few taste buds.

After entering her first baking competition in 2011 – Cake International at Birmingham NEC – Parker has definitely got a taste for success. She said:

“I love it. It’s a chance to be creative – I’ve always been into art”.

Speaking to TNS about her favourite cake creations, Parker said:  "I think the best cake I have made to date is my 6ft samurai warrior. Many people would disagree, especially my mum Rita as she likes my life size lion head. It took five days to create without sleep for the london cake international competition, I could have carried on forever adding detail but I like to do things that are overpowering and are still edible at the end of it."

She added: "The main problem with using cake as a medium is that the time period is pretty limited before it goes stale. It took three of us, my dad Paul, my chef Matt Somers, and myself to get the cake onto the stand as it weighed 14 stone, unfortunately as we had travelled 140 miles with it some got damaged but it was a cake that had a lot of my heart in it."

Fooling observers everywhere, Parker has created burgers, sandwiches (the Victoria variety with a difference!) and even sushi for special occasions. Her ambition does not stop here though: she hopes to one day make a moving car for children’s parties, made entirely out of cake. Now that sounds like a recipe for success. 

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