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The man with the 160lb scrotum!


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A few days ago we published a story about the man with the world’s largest penis, now meet the man with the 160lb scrotum (we kid you not!).

His name is Wesley and he suffers from scrotal lymphedemea, in which his lymph channels are obstructed, causing fluid to flow into his testicles, but not flow out.

“The weight is probably equal to a very large sack of potatoes...” says Wesley.

According to him, he has suffered from this since birth but his scrotum began to grow four years ago when one of his legs slammed into his scrotum, causing extreme pain and swelling.

So what about his penis? I hear you ask. Well, Wesley hasn’t seen it in four years! Four whole years! For Wesley, something as easy and natural as urinating is very difficult.

Believe it or not, the high street and outlet stores do not make trousers that can conceal a 160lb scrotum so Wesley has had to resort to wearing a hoodie as trousers, using the hooded part to cover his large balls!

Wesley was featured in an American TV show called Strange Sex last night. On the show, Wesley visited a doctor who told him that there was no reason for his scrotum to have gotten so large and that it could be corrected with relatively easy surgery.

Still Wesley has refused the surgery despite having the right insurance to cover it saying that it would cost a million dollars.

Sounds modest, but perhaps Wesley hesitation has something to do with Passion, the young nurse who looks after him and washes his large scrotum daily.

Passion also helps to cook Wesley's meals and assits with everything that Wesley finds difficult to do. Aside from the inconvenience of the 160lb scrotum, and not seeing his penis, it sounds like Wesley is living every man’s dream!

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